How Does Alibaba Work

Attempting to truthfully provide an answer for you to the question; exactly how does Alibaba work? can become misleading without including a few facts based on experience.

Firstly finding what you need on Alibaba isn’t difficult because the online shopping app is fairly easy to navigate and use.

However, it becomes a challenge depending on the products you’re sourcing because communicating clearly in English with some Alibaba vendors is slow and tedious because of language barriers.

Alibaba Online Shopping

While it would be unfair to say it’s entirely impossible to communicate and secure your order across the entire app because of poor English, after at least one year of researching and randomly interacting with wig manufacturers I have yet to actually be successful in placing an order.

This is because the Alibaba sellers that were contacted had misleading advertising on their store front, most wanted to take the conversation outside of the App before responding to questions, and chatting with sales representatives can be time consuming if you only speak English.

Contacting hair extensions manufacturers who are mainly located in various parts of China from my experience, comes with not just language barriers and time zone differences which can be a great hindrance to efficiently completing your order but also also exposes you to the possibility of interacting with fraudulent vendors.

This is a real issue you have to consider when using the Alibaba App to shop online and here’s why…

The most unsettling discovery I made is, even though Alibaba cautions potential customers to complete all of their interactions with vendors through the Alibaba App to keep a record of communication, the majority of the hair vendors contacted immediately asked for my phone number and requested that we communicate via a different app.

Alibaba App

Most of the wholesale hair extensions sellers contacted about their prices immediately requested communication through Whatsapp instead of Alibaba and didn’t continue communicating if a phone number wasn’t provided.

Even though the messenger service on the Alibaba app has the ability to receive both images or text and is very easy to use, the majority of hair extensions sellers wanted to move the conversation off of Alibaba before addressing the questions in my inquiry and that is a major red flag.

How Alibaba works is completely ignored by some these wig manufacturers and it’s not worth the risk to give your personal information to a complete stranger because they claim it’s more convenient for them to communicate with you that way.

Sexy Knotty Knickers Or Not Review

Knotty Knickers is a Canadian women’s underwear website providing panty lovers in North America and the UK with the option to buy new underwear every month on autopilot with a subscription of their choice.

You simply decide on a membership package suitable to your budget, add some additional lingere options to your order if you want to and your underwear game will be automatically refreshed monthly or according to your preference.

Each month brings new colors plus different styles to your mailbox and the price starts at $3.99CAD per panty plus shipping depending on your subscription.

The big deal is you get to choose your preferred panty style and the option to buy as little or as many as you wish.

Quite frankly the quality of the Knotty Knickers is the same as the underwear purchased on the Wholee App for the same price or cheaper plus the styles you receive may or may not be what you would personally pick. Although there is the risk of being disappointed when you receive your panties, you can also be pleasantly surprised by the hand picked selection. Personal experience was fifty-fifty with the first order being exactly what I would pick and the second being the complete opposite.

The main benefit is the delivery is a lot quicker and far cheaper with Knotty Knickers than most online shopping apps used so far.

Plus you can create a subscription package with your style preference and change the details for your future order.

Whether you prefer to wear sexy bikinis, boy shorts, briefs or some risqué thongs Knotty Knickers has an underwear style you can add to your subscription. However, you can receive styles which may be different from your usual choices in your order.

My favorite features are the sizes are a true fit and goes up to a 3X which is another inclusive feature about the brand. The materials are also very comfortable and breathable.

How Does The Wholee Shopping App Work In Your Favor?

How does the Wholee shopping app work in your favor when you shop-online? The answer is simple, the app gives you deals and discounts on a huge variety of products for your money. It’s one of the best websites for buying extremely cheap clothes and accessories because you get all of your products at manufacturing cost regardless of the size of your order.

Although similar in look and feel to the Wish App, the Wholee app is different because they work directly with manufacturers to get products at manufacturing cost and sell them directly to customers using the app at super low prices.

While there is a range in prices, Wholee is as cheap as the Wish for items like clothing, shoes and jewelry. The truth is if you had to compare the two online shopping apps, Wholee is the better one for saving money because you get everything at the manufacturing cost and there’s just as much to choose from.

They have also proven to be reliable with shipping even during the lockdowns in my experience and, the prices are highly competitive.

One noteable con is the quality of some products like synthetic wigs aren’t always the best. In some cases when you receive your order, the words on clothing are different from the promotional materials or misspelled. This is probably the most important thing to know about shopping on the Wholee App.

Hair extensions and wigs are especially deceptive because some vendors use high quality images to advertise and even describe them as human hair when they’re actually synthetic fiber.

That being said, it’s naive to believe that for the price of $10.00 you’re going to get top quality for certain products on most online shopping apps.

On The Bright Side

The good news is some of the cheaper products on Wholee like sandals, sunglasses and, underwear are pretty good quality for the price. One of the best features on the App is you can search and shop by category to save time or find exactly what you want.