Karen Ankh Reviews was established in Ontario Canada in 2021 with the mission of helping consumers succeed in finding the best places to shop online and simplify the product sourcing process to save time and money.

Have you ever shopped online, then when checking out the total was more than what you expected? I know I have. This is why I created the Karen Ankh Online Shopping Reviews. On this blog, you’ll find reviews of all your favorite brands, as well as a list of free shipping sites along with free subscription sites to help you get the most of your money while shopping online.

Karen Ankh Reviews online shopping apps, consumer products and websites to help online shoppers find the best deals, discounts and avoid the risks that may make your online shopping experience uncomfortable.

These online shopping reviews are based on personal experience and no payment was received to write them. They are for your information purposes only.

Online shopping reviews are written based on the experience of all personal purchases of any product through the Apps and websites reviewed on this website.

We recommend that before buying from any Shopping App online you investigate customer service history, refund policy and read the details in product descriptions so you’re clear about what you think you are buying vs “what it says in the description”. 

Disclaimer: Karen Ankh Reviews will not be held responsible for any Online Shopping App installation or purchases you may decide on making with the Apps or websites being reviewed on this website. You are solely responsible for any decisions you make regarding the use of any and all Apps or websites for online shopping.

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