6 Fool-proof Tips To Get Cash Back Shopping Online

To be honest, how many times have you lost money shopping online? We’re talking about not remembering to activate your cash back account, forgetting that you had a coupon code, and failing to use the right credit card. Hey, we’ve all been there.

Get Cash Back Shopping Online

But what if we told you that you could get the most bang for your buck without wasting a ton of time trying to remember these things?

Well, it’s absolutely possible with these 6 fool-proof tips to get cash back shopping online.

Here’s how:

1- Activate your cash back account before shopping.

This one is critical because sometimes your cash back can be doubled or tripled when you do this first. Once you shop and make your purchase, it’s usually too late to claim any cash back without first completing this crucial step.

Also, make sure you’re signed into the app before you check out.

2. Check for additional coupons before checking out.

It only takes a few seconds to see if there are any coupon codes available for the store at which you are shopping. If there are, go ahead and use them when completing your purchase.

Many sites will even have a box where you can enter the code before checking out so that the discount is automatically applied.

3. Use the right credit card.

If you’re looking for big savings on travel (and let’s be honest— who isn’t?), then a good travel credit card can help you save big on flights, hotels, and more.

Published by Karen Ankh

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