3 Amazing Canadian Black Owned Businesses Online

Black Owned Businesses Online

Let me start by saying I absolutely love scented candles however, not all scented candles are created equal as you’ll find out when I reveal where you can buy the best scented candles online in Canada.

If you’re anything like me and Martha Stewart, your home is your piece of paradise and you enjoy making it as comfortable as you choose. Undoubtedly candles also play a special role in setting the mood on occasion or add a signature scent throughout your home.

Quite frankly as Canada began to reopen from lockdown I wanted to specifically support black owned businesses because they often don’t have large marketing budgets or mass exposure as established brands.

While doing research, I was thrilled to find hiding in plain sight three amazing Black owned Canadian online businesses carrying products that are the exact sprinkle of spice you need added to your shopping cart.

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