Can You Trust The Wish App For Shopping Online?

How much is shipping on Wish going to cost depends on the number of sellers you purchase from, the location where the item is stocked and, the destination.

Cheapest Online Shopping

Compared to Amazon and Wholee the price can get quite high because the truth is you will pay shipping separately for the items you purchase.

Depending on your location you can get cheaper shipping on Wish by picking up your order at a store in your area that’s affiliated with Wish. Tip: To be safe, do a physical check of the suggested location before sending your order to any address other than your own because instead of saving a few dollars you risk losing money if the business location is not physically there.

As far as what can go wrong with online shopping using the Wish App here’s the truth… What you see is not always what you get.

Can You Trust The Wish App?

The product descriptions on the app are engaging but also very misleading. Incredibly “diamond jewelry” is advertised for a little as one dollar, even a few cents and interestingly enough is “free” items can suddenly have a price attached to it when you click on the merchandise link to add it to your shopping cart.

The risk of online shopping applies to Wish because their clothing sizes are often not true to size. Then there’s poor communication through customer service and packages frequently go missing or arrive extremely late.

If you came here wanting to know what online delivery in one day shopping app is the best, Wish may not be your first choice because their shipments can take an extremely long to time to arrive.

The hard facts are, the products are phenomenally cheap but you will get the quality you pay for even though the product descriptions and promotional photos suggests different.

Statistically more than 500 million people have downloaded the Wish app in the Google Play Store. You can find customer reviews in Google Play and on social media that are both negative and positive however, the truth is the decision to buy anything from the Wish App is like gambling. Unless you are able to possibly lose your money, another shopping app might be a better option.

Having personally used Wish to shop for women’s clothing, casual footwear and, a jewelry set which still hasn’t tarnished after constant wear, I can honestly say that I’ve had more positive than negative experiences using Wish to shop online.

I’ve also experienced packages not arriving but was issued a refund for all of the items after filing my complaint with customer service.

Lets be real it’s clearly not an app offering luxury items and the prices are definite clues as to what you can expect for quality.

Quite frankly I’ve been both disappointed and pleasantly surprised with my Wish shopping experience because even though there was a bit of a wait to get a reply from customer service, eventually a full refund was issued for products which never arrived.

While I wouldn’t say Wish is the best online shopping website, it certainly fits the cheap online shopping definition and offers affordable prices for everyone.

Also good to know is quite often if you leave items in your shopping cart you will most likely get a reminder notification about the status of the items and an offer of a cheaper price when you check out in a specific amount of time to the get additional discounts.

On a scale of 1-10 how reliable is Wish online shopping? I would say a score of 4.5 stars is very fair because everytime you receive your order it could be a big hit or a serious miss because the amount of time you wait for your package to arrive can likely be wasted.

The unreliability of both delivery and product quality are the main reasons why you have to shop on Wish with an open mind or completely stay away from using the website if you cannot afford the risk of being disappointed or having a long wait time for delivery.

However, if those points aren’t an issue, you can find really great deals and save money shopping online with Wish.

In terms of what should customers be aware of when shopping online with Wish, the main point is understanding that although you will get cheap prices, your choice of a free gift with your first purchase or any other time, shipping most likely will not be included and the quality of the product can be inferior.

However, once you open the Wish Online Shopping App and register it is very easy to use which is a conveniently useful feature on the App.

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