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No More Mistakes With Online Shopping

1. Create a new email address for your online shopping,so that you can keep track of your order confirmation emails and other notifications.

To avoid being overwhelmed with order confirmation emails and other notifications from your online orders, you should create a new email address for your online shopping. You should sign up to receive order confirmation emails and other notifications on this new email address, as well.

If you have multiple online shopping accounts, you can create a separate email address for each of them so that you can keep track of which account is used with each retailer. This will help keep your main email account from filling up with unwanted notifications.

When creating an online shopping account, be sure to come up with a good password that only YOU know before entering it into your website’s password box. You should also keep this box clear until the site asks you to enter it in so that no one else can see it if they are looking over your shoulder at the computer screen. This information is typically confidential and must be kept private in order to protect yourself from identity theft when shopping online.

Another tip for secure internet use would be never leaving any personal information in an unsecured computer or mobile device where someone could access it if they wanted to steal your identity later on, such as by stealing your credit card number from an unlocked laptop while traveling abroad or taking advantage of public Wi-Fi networks without encryption security measures installed. Make sure all sensitive data is kept under lock and key at home or work too.

2. Try to use a gift card that has a low balance.This will keep your main credit or debit card from being used if the site gets hacked.

This will keep your main credit or debit card from being used if the site gets hacked. This might also help you stay within a budget while shopping.

Credit and debit cards are easy to use and offer excellent protection if your information is stolen, but many people like using prepaid gift cards when making purchases online. They come with a set amount of money, so you can’t spend more than you’ve loaded on to it. You can control impulse spending this way, which is nice.

If you do decide to use a credit or debit card, choose one that has low balance or that isn’t linked to other accounts. If thieves get your information, they won’t have access to every account you own!

3. Do not forget to check the shipping details before placing an order.

The shipping rates and other details should be mentioned clearly to you so that there is no confusion.

Details like shipping cost, delivery time, the warranty period, replacement policy, payments method, and other terms and conditions should be mentioned by the website clearly. If they are not mentioned then you should contact the seller prior to buying anything.

4. Check the return policy of your seller before confirming your order.

If that’s the case for you, make sure to check the return policy of your seller before confirming your order. Does the seller accept returns? If not, this may be a red flag and you should think twice before purchasing from them. You can read reviews of other customers who’ve ordered from this seller, too. If people have generally been satisfied with their purchases, that’s a good sign—but if they’ve had to deal with shipping problems or poor customer service, proceed with caution. Also make sure to find out how much shipping and handling charges will be, as they can sometimes turn out to be more than the cost of the item itself!

For example: some sellers will not accept returns for certain items—in these cases, it’s essential that you get all the information about an item (like its size) so that you don’t end up with something too small or too large for you.

5. Always save your order number,this will help you in tracking your order later on.

Now you can track your order on the website where you placed your order by entering your order number, tracking number, shipping address, or email address.

Follow these simple safety tips to secure online shopping

Since there are numerous risks of shopping online, some being fraud and identity theft, you should follow a few safety rules to ensure the security of your transactions.

First, use a secure network. Public Wi-Fi hotspots aren’t safe for sensitive information like payment card numbers and passwords. The best practice is to never access any website that involves personal or financial data on your phone or laptop when connected to public Wi-Fi.

Second, check the URL of the website before entering any information. A secure website will always start with `https://`. If you see “https”, then you can feel confident that the transaction will be fairly secure and safe.

If you choose to make an account on a site and enter a password for it, make sure it’s strong and unguessable. To increase security even further, change your password frequently.

Third, use only payment methods from companies with good reputations like credit cards from Visa or Mastercard. Avoid using debit cards if possible as they’re more prone to fraudulent charges than credit cards are.

And fourth, check the privacy policy before making a purchase through an online shop so you know how they’ll handle and protect your data such as name, address, payment details etc., If this document’s terms seem unclear or unreasonable in any way then we recommend choosing another vendor. It’s also good practice to search for reviews of the website online before beginning shopping on it (on sites like Trustpilot). This will help establish its credibility and quality as a retailer.

7 Distinct Ways to Shop Online and Save Money

The web is full of tools that help you compare prices and find the best deal. You can save a lot of money while shopping online if you order the product from the right place and comparison shopping is one of the best methods to find out which website has the lowest price for an item. By comparing the prices of two or more websites, you can easily narrow down where you want to make your purchase. Today, we’ve put together 7 distinct tips to help you get the best deals and save money when you shop online.

Create an account ahead of time.

Before you start shopping, create an account with the retailer you’re going to purchase from. You’ll save time by not having to fill in the same info over and over again, and some retailers give discounts or special deals if you create an account ahead of time. Also, try signing up for a cashback account with a company like Rakuten, which lets you earn extra cashback on your purchases.

Do your research.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed when shopping online. There are so many stores, so many sales, and so many options for each item. Sites like Amazon and eBay are great places to start because they have a ton of products, but you’ll also find that other lesser-known sites sometimes have better prices. This is where research comes in.

To get the best price, you need to compare prices on different websites and make sure that your total cost (including shipping) at one store is lower than the listed cost of the same item at another store.

Maximize your credit card rewards.

If you’re going to be shopping online, it makes sense to use a credit card that gives you the best rewards. There are lots of different credit cards out there, and they all have their own rewards programs. For example, which of your Credit cards pays you 1.5% cash back on every purchase with no annual fee? The Capital One Venture Card pays you double miles for every dollar spent and has no foreign transaction fees.

Check for discounts within the store.

You can find a collection of active coupon codes for a variety of retailers in-store or on their website. This is where you should look first to grab any coupons you may have missed. Some coupons are site-wide, or they can be specific to the type of purchase you’re making. To use these coupons, copy the code and paste or type it into the coupon or discount code field at checkout.

Another option is looking within the store itself for discounts. Plenty of retailers offer their own promotions that can save you money without having to search for coupons.

Many department stores offer cashback savings on certain items and departments, like clothing or furniture. These discounts will be automatically applied when you make your purchase, so no need to hunt down a coupon code here; simply add qualifying items to your cart, and watch as they magically become less expensive.

You can also check out tools like Honey that can automatically find coupons and apply them to your online shopping cart when you’re at checkout.

Skip the shipping fees with in-store pickup.

If you’re worried about shipping costs, you might want to look into in-store pickup options. Before you go through the checkout process, make sure your store of choice has this option and that it makes sense based on location. For example, someone in Toronto, Ontario probably can’t get their order picked up at a store in Vancouver, British Columbia.

If the item is available for pickup (and doesn’t have to be shipped), the next step is to figure out if there are any fees associated with picking up your order in-store. Some stores will charge a small fee for picking up an item from the store itself and some will give you curbside pickup (they’ll bring it out to your car) for free. However, even these small fees are usually cheaper than shipping costs— just keep an eye out for them before completing your purchase.

Get cashback savings.

You can get cash back when you buy something online, but not all credit cards offer the same amount of cash back, and they aren’t all easy to use. Look for a card that offers cash back on your typical expenses and has a high redemption rate.

For example:

You might earn 1% to 5% cash back on gasoline purchases, which will help you save money if you drive a lot.

If you take public transportation, find out if your card offers more cash back when used at grocery stores or department stores.

Look for promotions that offer higher than normal rewards on certain products and services in order to streamline your shopping process. This can help you save even more money.

Save with a student account or educator discount. Takeaway: Shop online to save money and time

If you’re a college student or an educator, you could be eligible for special discounts at some retailers. Many stores offer registrants with a student email address a discount on laptops, and some also offer educator discounts on computers. This can be helpful when homeschooling, or buying textbooks and other materials that you use in the classroom. Make sure to check with your school to see if they already have this type of arrangement in place.

Finally, remember that price matching can take up an enormous amount of your time if done improperly. The best way to avoid wasting precious hours when you shop online is by only doing this for items worth more than $25 each.

6 Guaranteed No Stress Online Shopping Tips

It’s time for another edition of Karen Ankh Online Shopping Tips and Reviews —your weekly budget friendly tips and tricks on how to save tons of money when shopping online.

Online Shopping Tips

For those of you who missed previous posts, we’ve covered everything from the best sites to buy clothing to how to keep yourself safe while you’re shopping online.

Today, I’m going to tell you how to get the most out of your long-term online shopping experience by sharing my personal tricks for saving money.

You’re probably familiar with Amazon.com, but did you know that if you’ve ever had trouble finding a particular brand or type of product at your local store, the brand’s online store is your answer? And, that you can save money by buying directly from them?

Another great way to shop online is through websites like Groupon. I love them because there are always deals on products that I would never have thought to purchase in the first place. That’s why I look forward to every new batch of deals they send me via email every day. The truth is, it can be really tempting and difficult not to buy right away, especially if you need to stay within a certain budget.

I know that sometimes it can be overwhelming to shop online. With so many websites and so many coupon codes and so many deals, it’s pretty hard to know what’s worth your time or money. Right?

Thankfully, there are a few things that you can do to make sure you get the most out of your online shopping experience— both in terms of saving money and getting the best deals. The following unbeatable tips we’ve put together will help you do both very easily.

6 Stress Free Online Shopping Tips

1. Set up a wishlist on Amazon (or any major retail website) so you can keep track of everything you want to buy later on down the line. You can also share your wishlist with family and friends to help them pick out gifts for you on special occasions.

2. Use Google Chrome’s ‘Research’ Tool to help you find a good deal on the product you’re looking for. Utilize this option to help you narrow down your search and quickly find what you’re looking for.

3. Getting married? Use this trick to get a discount off of expensive items. Create a wedding registry on the Target website and add everything you want including the super expensive items. After your wedding date you will receive a 15% discount on the remaining items. Use it to get any of the expensive products you wanted but didn’t receive as a gift.

Amazon will also give you a 20% discount valid up to 90 days after your wedding when you create an Amazon wedding registry with them. Maximize your savings by creating your registry on both websites.

4. Learn the days when retailers do heavy discounts. Another great way to save at Target is to shop for what you need on those days. Here’s what you can save money on by shopping on deep discount days at Target:

  • Monday – Accessories, baby items, books, kids clothing, electronics and stationary.
  • Tuesday – Women’s clothing, food and pet supplies.
  • Wednesday – Diapers, furniture, health and beauty, lawn and garden items, men’s clothing.
  • Thursday – Decor, housewares, lingerie, luggage, shoes, sporting goods and toys.
  • Friday – Auto, cosmetics, hardware and, jewelry.

Who doesn’t love a new pair of Nike? Although they don’t do regular promo codes you can still get a discount.

Here’s the deal, you get a special discount during your birthday month by signing up to the Nike email list. Save annually on your new pair of Sneakers and, you will also become an inside member getting the latest news first.

  • Did you know that Lululemon leggings are heavily discounted on Thursday mornings? Jump online and head to the “we made too much” section and shop for a few pairs while you save a ton of cash.

5. Before you subscribe to an ongoing service with your credit card, do your research first to find out how to stop the subscription if you need or want to. There’s nothing worse than paying for something you no longer need or use.

6. Read. Before buying anything, pay attention to return and exchange policies. Also, save yourself the additional effort, money and time by reading the product descriptions carefully. Do you want to purchase anything without being able to get a refund? What if you find out after your purchase that there’s no return or no exchange?

Maximize your online shopping experience by reading the terms and conditions carefully.

Finally, always do your online shopping through a cash back website like Rakuten because it’s an awesome bonus to help you save money. Plus, you can safely shop online with the brands you already know, trust and love.